Derby Extra first shave

indexSkin: sensitive.

Beard: coarse.

Safety razor: Edwin Jagger DE89l

Growth: 1,5 days.

First pass (WTG): you can really feel the blade pulling and tugging…

Second pass (XTG): you don’t feel the pulling and tugging and it seems that the blade is OK and is doing its job. It seems that its mild on your face. But you have to start going over the same spot more times because the blade doesn’t cut those coarse whiskers…

Third pass (ATG): Those coarse whiskers are still there…

Almost made a complete fourth pass (WTG)…

Final thoughts: the final result was BBS but there was some skin irritation (too much) that I really didn’t like due to the necessity to go over the same spots too many times… After Feathers, BICs and Wilkinson Swords these were disappointing… I’ll give them some more tries, though, just to check if it was my technique…

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