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I’m not an experienced wet shaver. I’m just a regular guy trying to find what works best for him, regarding safety razors and double edge blades. I’ve been wet shaving for three months and I’ve started with a Mekur Futur with BIC, Wilkinson Sword and Feather blades. My skin is sensitive and I’ve got this coarse beard… I’ve been enjoying (wet) shaving ever since!

Since I like experimenting with things, I decided to try both the Edwin Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 34C. I’ve found out that both of them work much better with me, although I’ve always had great shaves with the Futur and I’ve learnt a lot with it. Let’s say that my new two friends give me more relaxed shaves, if you know what I mean…

I ordered a bunch of blades from different brands to experiment with. Since this is an ongoing project, I decided to take my notes (note that this is not a scientific project…) and share my thoughts with you. So, you can follow it here. I believe it will take me more than 3 months to get through with it… 😀

I’ll (try to) do my regular 5 shaves with each blade, unless I’m not feeling satisfied with the results I’m getting from any particular blade. But I’ll try to do, at least, three shaves with each. And I’ll use each blade with my two safety razors. The sequence in which I’ll test the blades will vary according to my degree of satisfaction with its performance… I’ll, for example, test the same blade with both safety razors, one after the other, or I’ll use another blade in between, so that I can revert to a more comfortable shave if I’m not enjoying shaving with the new one.

I always shave after showering and use Proraso Pre-shave cream; Semogue SOC Cherry Badger 2 band brush; three passes; cream or soap from very reputable and established brands like Proraso, Claus, Ach Brito, etc.; alum block and alcohol free aftershave.

Feel free to e-mail me if there is anything you would like to ask me and bear in mind that YMMV.

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  1. De nada. Obrigado eu. 😀 Se houver mais alguma coisa em que eu possa ajudar, é só dizer. Já agora, esse site tem um serviço espectacular. 😀

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