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In true teen idol fashion, Malala Yousafzai (@malalafund) inspires girls around the world to create fan art. And the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who turns 18 years old today, found and shared one particular drawing on her Instagram account — made in chalk, featuring the words “extremists have shown what frightens them most: a girl with a book.” The drawing was created by 16-year-old Morgan Ciocca (@macklemorgz) from Kansas City, Kansas, and it was shared with Malala by her 16-year-old best friend, Maddi McMaster (@maddibraps). “It’s odd to reflect on how Malala’s story has impacted my life, since it has with such immensity,” says Maddi. “To me, the quote on Morgan’s drawing means that for women across the world, knowledge and education are our greatest powers and weapons against sexism.” Morgan’s chalk piece was made during an art day at her high school, where she was asked to illustrate something that reflected diversity and inclusion. Turning it into a tribute to Malala was a no-brainer. “Recently, I taught my ten-year-old sister and a few of her friends the meaning of feminism and about Malala,” says Morgan. “I believe young women see someone who very much resembles them, standing up for her rights, and feel as if they can do the same.” For more images from young activists around the world, follow @malalafund and explore the #booksnotbullets hashtag. Photo of @macklemorgz artwork by @maddibraps

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