Merkur Progress first shave impressions


Hot shower;
Pre-shave Proraso Green;
Meissner Tremonia Indian Flavour (If you haven’t tried these, you must!);
Semogue SOC boar brush (Another must try!);
Merkur Progress on setting 1;
Personna blade, one of those that they make for big supermarket chains;
After-shave Avène.

Result: THIS WAS THE BEST SHAVE I’VE EVER HAD! Absolutely fabulous!

The razor glided over my face so, so smoothly that it is difficult to believe that I got a BBS shave without any irritation in three passes, enjoying each single moment of it! WHAT A JOY! And this was my first shave with it. I didn’t even try to use another setting because I was focusing on my new grip since I didn’t want to drop it or something.

From now on I guess this is going to be my favourite safety razor too. The EJ and the Mühle will have to take the second place. This will also be my safety razor advice for anyone starting wet shaving. I really think I’ve found my Holy Grail of the safety razors. That must be the reason why a design sixty years old is still a favourite for so many wet shavers!


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