Já ouviste falar neste site? É um site português através do qual podemos trocar postais, verdadeiros postais ilustrados, com pessoas de todo o mundo! Muito interessante! A inscrição é gratuita. Investiga e diverte-te!

Have you heard about this webpage? It’s a Portuguese webpage through which you can exchange postcards, real postcards, with people from all around the world! Very interesting! Joining the site is free. Give it a try and have fun!

Massimo Esposito – Miss Dea

É já amanhã, em Alpiarça, na Casa dos Patudos – Museu de Alpiarça, que se inaugura a Exposição dedicada aos 35 anos do pintor Massimo Esposito em Portugal, na qual terá lugar o lançamento do livro Miss Dea, no qual a nossa Beatriz teve a honra e o prazer de colaborar.

16th century encryption

Here is an example of an early encryption method still in use today.

Do you think that it isn’t useful today? What if I told you that I’ve already received letters that had been tampered with?! Yes, that’s right! In this XXI century!!! I’ve already received a letter from India that had been cut open and carefully glued back again!!! So, it’s content was read. Had it been wax sealed it wouldn’t have been possible to try to conceal the crime!!!

#100DaysToOffload – 5

#100DaysToOffload – A writing challenge!

#100DaysToOffload is a writing challenge which consists in a call to all those willing to participate to write posts on their blogs, 100 posts in a one year period.

The challenge was designed by Kev Quirk and anyone can join since they like writing and creating. It’s a way for people to focus on their capacity of producing interesting texts rather they focusing mainly in being passive consumers of social media content.

I’ll be participating on the challenge, both with pinheirodeabrantes and Escrito à máquina…, posting on them according the type of content I’ll be posting.

You’re also invited!

#100DaysToOffload – 3


My new PenBBS has arrived and it’s s great performer. It’s also a very nice pen and it’s quality is really superb!

Here you can see some quick notes I’ve taken during a talk. It’s really a joy to write with it!

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