Free Julian Assange

Dear Friends,

As we approach the beginning of February, foremost in our minds is the pivotal court hearings to be held on February 20 and 21 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

We will of course be at the Royal Courts of Justice and urge anyone who can travel to London on those days to do so in order to protest peacefully the ongoing unjust detention of publisher Julian Assange. Protests in support of Mr. Assange are being organized globally therefore if you cannot come to London on these days check if there is a protest near you which you can attend.

Ahead of these court hearings please explore the brand new Julian Assange interactive map which can be accessed here.

The map showcases Julian Assange’s awards for Journalism (more than 35) as well as regional and municipal honors and awards that he has been granted. Also on the map you can find protest sites for demonstrations on February 20/21.

João Pinheiro @joaopinheiro